A Royal Affair: 60 Princess Tea Party Ideas for Kids

princess tea party ideas

Tea, Treats, and Tiara! Here's Our Favorite 60 Princess Tea Party Ideas Fit For Royalty

There's something extraordinary special about the combination of delicate tea cups, dainty treats, and the allure of princesses that captivates the hearts of both young and old. With its blend of elegance, magic, and timeless charm, a princess tea party creates an unforgettable experience that sparks creativity, fosters friendships, and allows young minds to dream beyond the ordinary. So, gather your tiaras, prepare the teapots, and let us whisk you away into a world where imagination knows no bounds!

Today we're giving you 60 Princess Tea Party Ideas so you'll have everything you need to plan the best soiree for your little ones. 

15 Princess Tea Party Decoration Ideas

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When planning your royal tea party for your little ones, you first want to gather all the supplies you'll need and consider how many guests you will host. That means decorations and invitations should be at the top of your list! Save time and buy our Princess invitations, perfect for inviting all guests to your tea party.

Here are 15 different decoration ideas that will really create the royal atmosphere your guests are going to be talking about all year.

Table Decorations

1. Cute and dainty tea cup set for kids

2.  Fairy tale-inspired tablecloths

3. Crystal Resin Chair which makes perfect for princess tea parties

4. Lace doilies to place underneath tableware

5. Princess-themed tableware and matching napkins

princess party tableware

Room Decorations

6. Princess castle backdrop or wall decals

7. Draped curtains in pastel hues for a royal ambiance

8. Hanging paper lanterns

9. Glittery banners with personalized messages

10. Balloons or balloon arches that match the color of your tea party theme

Princess Throne Area

11. A decorative princess throne or chair for the guest of honor

12. DIY Tutus for chair covers

Tutu chair covers

Photo by Scott Hill House

13. Floor-length curtains as a backdrop for the throne

14. Floral garlands and ribbons

15. A sparkling crown or tiara display on a decorative stand

15 Food and Snack Ideas for Tea Parties

princess tea party ideas

What's a Princess tea party without tea and sweats? Here are some of our favorite food and snack ideas to serve at your tea party that your guests will keep coming back for more.

Sweet Treats

1. Princess-themed cupcakes with tiara toppers

2. Magic wand-shaped sugar cookies with edible glitter

3. Pastel-colored macarons

4. Crown-shaped sugar cookies with icing

5. Cotton candy mixed with edible glitter in ice cream cones

Delicate Finger Sandwiches

6. Cucumber and cream cheese tea sandwiches

7. Chicken salad sandwiches 

8. Smoked salmon and cream cheese pinwheels

9. Ham and cheese sliders on mini buns

10. Strawberry and cream cheese finger sandwiches


11. Hibiscus Tea with honey and lemon

12. Strawberry-infused iced tea with mint leaves

13. Blueberry lavender lemonade with edible glitter

14. Fruit-infused water

15. Hot chocolate

15 Game & Activity Ideas for a Princess Tea Party

scott hill house princess tea party

Photo by Scott Hill House

Now it's time to put all the sugar and energy from your tea and treats into games and activities your guests will love. Here are some of our favorite princess inspired tea party games!

Royal Ball

1. Princess-themed musical chairs (play your little princess's favorite songs from her favorite princess movies). Offer tiaras as prizes!

2. Glass slipper (any high heel will do!) relay race

3. Princess freeze dance with magical poses

4. Princess dress-up relay race with tiaras and accessories

5. Limbo under a "magical castle" limbo stick

Craft Stations

6. DIY wand-making station with ribbons, glitter, and jewels

7. Princess crown decorating station with gemstones and stickers

8. Magical potion-making station with colorful drink mixers

9. Design-your-own princess coloring pages with crayons

10. Princess necklace decoration station

Storytime and Princess Trivia

11. Princess storybook reading with a storyteller or parent

12. Princess trivia game with questions about famous princesses (real or fairytale)

13. Guess the princess game using clues and riddles

14. Princess-themed scavenger hunt with hidden treasures

15. Princess-themed charades with iconic princess gestures and actions

15 Costume Ideas for a Princess Tea Party

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It's not a royal affair without your guests dressing for the occasion! Encourage your guests to come in their best ball gowns or DIY princess costumes to complete the overall ambience of the tea party. Here are some of our favorite costume ideas for a Princess tea party.

DIY Costume Ideas

1. All white or pink dresses with ruffles!

2. Flower Crown Magic: Create beautiful flower crowns using faux flowers, floral wire, and a hot glue gun. Let little princesses choose their favorite blooms and colors to design their own personalized crowns.

3. Fairy Wings: Craft whimsical fairy wings using wire hangers, sheer fabric, and glitter. Shape the hangers into wing shapes, cover them with fabric, and embellish with sparkling details. Attach elastic straps for easy wearing.

4. DIY No Sew Tutu: With tulle and some elastic, you can easily create a variety of no sew tutus!

5. Magical Wands: Construct magical wands using wooden dowels, colorful ribbons, and star-shaped foam or cardstock cutouts. Decorate the wands with glitter, sequins, and other embellishments to make them truly enchanting.

Royal Accessories

6. Glittering tiaras or crowns for each guest

7. Feathered boas

8. Long white gloves and white sun or straw hats

9. DIY Wands or fairy wands

10. Fairy wings in delicate pastel shades

Prince and Knight Attire (for your royal boy guests)

11. Prince-inspired suits with bowties and top hats

12. Knight costumes with helmets & shields

13. Capes

14.Sashes and medallions

15. Plastic scepters or swords as royal accessories

Ready to throw the best Princess Tea Party of the year?

We hoped you enjoyed another party ideas blog post to help guide you when planning parties for your little loved ones. Share this blog post with a party planner who needs some help for throwing their next tea party! Don't forget to shop our Princess party supplies to help cross some supplies off your list! 

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