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Anna & Pookie

Mermaid Wrapping Paper

Mermaid Wrapping Paper

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Dive into a world of charm, diversity, and inclusion with our mermaid wrapping paper featuring a beautiful African-American mermaid. Let the enchanting melodies of the ocean guide your gift-giving journey as you wrap your presents in the whimsical embrace of our mermaid-inspired designs.

Each sheet is lovingly adorned with mermaids, playful underwater creatures, lots of different shades of aquas, pinks and greens, creating a truly delightful and inclusive presentation.

Made with care and printed on high-quality paper, our gift wrap ensures that every package is wrapped with both beauty and joy. Celebrate the magic of diversity and representation with our mermaid wrapping paper, designed to make each gift-giving moment an enchanting and inclusive experience.

  • Five (5) large sheets measuring 20" x 29"
  • 70lb
  • Opaque
  • Each sheet covers approximately one or two gifts (depending on the size)
  • Coloration may slightly vary from screen

Please note that your wrapping paper sheets will be collectively rolled and shipped in a sturdy kraft mailing tube to prevent wrinkling.

Allow 5 business days for processing (excluding shipping time) during the holidays. Items generally arrive at their desired location within 2-5 business days of ship date.

Copyright © 2022 Anna and Pookie, LLC, All Rights Reserved under copyright including reproduction rights. All work and character images belong to ANNA+POOKIE. Copyright is not transferable with sale.


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