Girl Power Unleashed: 20 Girl Superhero Party Ideas!

Ready to party like a superhero? Dive into our 20 Girl Superhero Party ideas!


2023 is the year of superhero movies with black and brown girl superhero characters taking center stage. With upcoming movies this summer featuring powerful girl superheroes representing diversity, like The Marvels and Shazam, it's only natural your little heroines want to take center stage for their next party. We put together fun Supergirl party ideas for your little action fighters that will be sure to make it to the "What did you do this summer" first day of school conversation!


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Girl Superhero Decoration Ideas

supergirl party decoration idea

It's not a Supergirl party without first setting the stage! Here are 5 ideas to create the perfect atmosphere for your party.

    • Decorate the area with girl superhero balloons and garlands out of eye masks
    • Create a girl superhero-inspired backdrop for the party area where guests can take photos
    • Use Girl Superhero party tableware, tablecloths, or DIY centerpieces
    • Hang your favorite girl Superhero character posters and cutouts around the party for guests to take pictures with
    • Create a super lair costume wall (like the one below from Project Nursery) with various DIY girl superhero costumes hanging on hangers.



Food and Drink Ideas

Project runway nursery blog girl superhero

Your guests will love indulging in food and drinks that bring out their inner superhero. Here are some food and drink ideas to serve at your party!

  • Kryptonite Fruit Salad: Combine an assortment of green fruits like kiwi, green grapes, honeydew melon, and green apples for a refreshing and healthy treat.
  • Power Punch: Mix up fruit punch using colorful juices and sparkling water. Add superhero-themed ice cube shapes from fruit juice and edible glitter for an extra magic touch.
  • Mighty Mac and Cheese: Prepare a cheesy and comforting macaroni and cheese dish using pasta shapes that resemble superhero emblems, monsters, or masks.
  • Heroic Hot Dogs: Serve hot dogs with superhero-themed toppings and condiments, such as cape-shaped buns, ketchup lightning bolts, and mustard superhero emblems.
  • Super Strength Sliders: Mini burgers packed with flavorful ingredients and topped with cheese shields or superhero-shaped picks will satisfy hungry party guests.



    Girl Superhero Party Inspired Games and Activities

    girl superhero party ideas

    Keep your guests entertained throughout your girl superhero party by creating fun Supergirl theme games and activities. Here are some of our favorites you can incorporate within your party that are perfect for any age. 

    • Supergirl Training Academy: Create an inside or outside obstacle course
    • Monster + Aliens Villains Scavenger Hunt: Use fun monster or alien stickers as hidden enemies to find and capture. The one who finds the most monster and alien villains wins a party favor. 
    • Design Your Own Supergirl Cape: Have a table set up with fabric and art supplies for guests to create capes! 
    • Temporary Tattoo Bar: Offer a temporary tattoo bar filled with superhero designs for your guests 
    • Guess that Girl Superhero: Play a trivia game where you describe some of the most known girl superheroes, and your guest has to guess who you're talking about.



      Fun and Creative Party Favors and Goodie Bags


      What a great way to thank your superheroes in training for celebrating with you than offering goodie bags or party favors? Keep your gifts on theme with these party favor ideas your guest will enjoy.

      • Supergirl Capes and Masks for each guest to take home
      • Fill a goodie bag with girl superhero-themed stickers, buttons, or temporary tattoos.
      • Give away Supergirl-themed coloring books or a deck of cards with superheroes printed on them.
      • Personalized girl superhero keychains or bracelets
      • Girl superhero emergency beauty kits filled with hair ties and clips to tie their hair back for action, lip gloss to keep their lips moisturized while flying through the city, or fingernail polish after a long day of fighting crime. The possibilities are endless.




        Bam! Now this will be a Girl Superhero Party to remember!

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         We hope this post inspired your next heroic get-together! Remember, we have the best girl superhero party supplies to help you plan your party. Prepare to save the day and create an unforgettable celebration that will make everyone feel like superheroes.

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