Beach Party Survival Kit: Must-Have Beach Party Essentials

beach party essentials

Throwing a beach party with your family this summer? Don't forget these must have beach party essentials!


Summer is finally here and so many families are flocking to beaches all around the world to have a fun day in the sun with their loved ones. With the perfect blend of sun, sand, and endless fun, having a beach bash this summer can create memories that will last a lifetime. Beaches are the perfect party locations for summer because it offers a natural playground for children and adults can unwind, relax, and soak up the fun while watching (or joining in on) their little ones having the time of their lives building sandcastles, exploring tide pools, board surfing, snorkeling, and more! 

Whether you're heading to the beach this summer to celebrate a birthday party, family reunion, or simply an annual family and friends summer gathering, you'll want to pack these beach party essentials! We put together a list of 50 beach party essentials you want to make sure you pack to have the best time at the beach with your loved ones.

Have a little fun & come up with a fun theme

Laura's little party blog pirate party idea

Since this may be the only time your family comes together in the summer, why not make it fun and come up with a party theme? Everyone can choose beach-inspired themes like pirates or mermaids and wear swimsuits and matching accessories. Plan to make beach-friendly snacks that match your theme, fun themed-beach games, or even matching party theme tableware and decorations.


Here are some of our favorite beach party themes


  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Set off on a pirate adventure with a swashbuckling beach party. Encourage guests to dress up as pirates. Get matching pirate party tableware (disposable) or play pirate-themed games at the beach Arrr, mateys! Plan on having a bigger family gathering? Shop our Pirate Party Tableware Sets and save more on your pirate-themed beach party!
  • Under the Sea: Dive into an underwater wonderland with an "Under the Sea" theme. Use blue and turquoise decorations, inflatable sea creatures, and seashell accents. Encourage guests to dress up as mermaids, pirates, or their favorite sea creatures. We have the perfect mermaid party tableware sets to accompany all of your guests at your Under The Sea -inspired beach party! Need help on mermaid-inspired games, snacks, and party decoration ideas? Here are 100 Mermaid Party ideas to help you plan your beach party!
  • Luau Party: Embrace the spirit of Hawaii with a colorful and lively luau party. Decorate with tropical flowers, tiki torches, and bamboo accents. Serve tropical fruits, BBQ, and refreshing beverages in coconut cups. Don't forget the hula dancing and ukulele music!


    60+ Beach Party Essentials

    beach party essentials

    Now that we gave you some fun party theme ideas for your family beach party or gathering, here's over 60 beach party essentials you'll want to make sure you pack!


    Beach Party Essentials | Gear

    1. Beach towels
    2. Beach umbrella
    3. Beach chairs
    4. Beach blankets
    5. Beach tent or canopy
    6. Foldable beach tables
    7. Portable grill for barbecuing
    8. Portable Fan
    9. Waterproof phone case or pouch
    10. Portable chargers (bring a few!)


    Sun Protection Essentials

    11. Sunscreen
    12. Sunglasses
    13. Sun hats
    14. Rash guards
    15. Flip-flops or water shoes
    16. Sunscreen lip balm


    Food and Drinks Essentials

    17. Picnic baskets
    18. Insulated Coolers (fill an extra cooler with only ice to add to cups)
    19. Water bottles
    20. Beach-friendly snacks (granola bars, chips, fruit snacks)
    21. Beach-friendly drinks (water, sports drinks, juice boxes)
    22. Hand sanitizer
    22. Wet wipes or baby wipes


    Tableware Essentials

    beach party essentials

    23. Paper plates
    24. Paper cups
    25. Napkins
    26. Disposable utensils
    27. Resealable bags


      Beach Toys & Accessories

      28. Sandcastle molds
      29. Plastic shovels
      30. Plastic buckets
      31. Beach ball
      32. Soccer ball
      33. Football
      34. Frisbee
      35. Inflatable floaties
      36. Boogie boards
      37. Kites
      38. Volleyball
      39. Paddleboards
      40. Inflatable floaties
      41. Deck of cards


      Clothing, Safety, and Accessories

      42. Swimsuits
      43. Beach cover-ups
      44. Sweatshirts (for cooler evenings)
      45. Change of dry clothes
      46. Waterproof beach mat or blanket
      47. First aid kit
      48. Aloe Vera
      49. Deodorant
      50. Wet bag
      51. Extra towels for drying off
      52. Beach-friendly stroller or wagon for young children
      53. Beach-friendly swim diapers for babies
      54. Beach-friendly flotation devices for kids (arm floaties, swim vests)
      55. Hair brush & Hair ties
      56. Eye contact solution (great to have if you get salt water in your content lenses!)
      57. Medication (sea sickness, headaches, etc.)
      58. Bug spray (some beaches have horrible mosquitoes!)
      59. Snorkel gear


          Entertainment and Relaxation

          60. Portable stereo for music
          61. Go Pro or Waterproof camera
          62. Books or magazines
          63. Create a music playlist
          64. Headphones/earphones
          65. Have some cash on hand, some beaches have vendors selling a variety of things like food, souvenirs, massages, etc. that only take cash


          Pack, Play, Party: Download the Beach Party Essentials Checklist!

          beach party essentials checklist

          Organizing a beach party for your family and friends can be an exciting and memorable summer experience. By following this guide and ensuring you have all the essential items, you'll be well-prepared for a fun-filled day at the beach.

          To make your planning even easier, we've created a downloadable Beach Party Essentials Checklist that you can access for FREE. This comprehensive checklist includes all the items mentioned in this blog post, making it a valuable resource to have on hand.

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