100 Mermaid Party Ideas: The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Mermaid-Inspired Party

mermaid party ideas

Ready To Plan A Magical Mermaid Party? Here's 100 Ideas, Games, Activities, & More!

With Disney's new adaptation of The Little Mermaid recently hitting theaters right before summer, the search for "mermaid parties" is high. It's the theme of the summer, and if you're planning on throwing a mermaid birthday party, mermaid-themed baby shower, mermaid-themed beach bash, etc., I have 100 mermaid party ideas, décor, activities, and games for you to plan the ultimate, and most magical, mermaid party this year.  

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Quick Tips for Planning A Party

To have a magical mermaid extravaganza, the success is all in the planning and organization details. Have you ever been to a disorganized party? Ran out of food? Needed more space? Got bored after 30 minutes? Weather was horrible? You don't want this happening to you, so here are some quick tips on planning a party your guests will talk about for the rest of the year.

  • Set a budget!
  • Determine the guest list
  • Choose a suitable date and start + end time
  • Choose a location that can accommodate your guest list comfortably
  • Figure our food and drink details (are you just serving snacks, finger foods, having a buffet, hiring a chef?)
  • Create and send invitations (doesn't hurt to have a spot on the invitation for allergy information or food preference like vegan or pescetarian)
  • ALWAYS ask for RSVPs (this helps with getting a good estimate of how many people to expect and accommodate)
  • Music (are you hiring a DJ or playing a set playlist?)
  • Gather decorations
  • Plan to host some activities/games
  • Have a clean up plan!

20 Mermaid Party Food Ideas

Young or old guests expect food and drinks to be served at a party. When planning a mermaid party, you can get super creative with the food choices that perfectly match the theme. Here are 20 of my favorite Mermaid party food ideas that I know your guests will love.

  1. Mermaid tail-shaped sandwiches (here's some mermaid tail cutters from Amazon)
  2. Underwater fruit salad with a variety of colorful fruits (or choose fruits that match your mermaid color scheme)
  3. Seashell-shaped cookies with edible pearls
  4. Ocean-inspired cupcakes (just make the frosting look like the ocean!)
  5. Fish-shaped crackers and cheese platter (or add any nut butter, kids will love this one)
  6. Seaweed Spinach Artichoke dip with vegetable sticks
  7. Starfish-shaped watermelon slices (here's some cute star cutters from Amazon)
  8. Mermaid popcorn mix with blue and green candies
  9. "Coral reef" fruit skewers with grapes and melon balls or you can use Rock Candy instead in your mermaid theme colors
  10. Mermaid-themed smoothie bowls with edible seashell toppings
  11. Under the Sea Rice Krispy Treats: use blue food coloring to make the Rice Krispie's look like the ocean. Top with edible pearls and drizzle with purple or gold frosting.
  12. Shell pasta salad with a creamy dressing
  13. Seashell-shaped macarons with different flavored fillings
  14. Ocean jello cups with gummy fish inside
  15. Mermaid treasure chest cake filled with candies and chocolates
  16. Seaweed sushi rolls with vegetable and avocado fillings
  17. Mermaid-themed ice cream floats with blue soda and rainbow sprinkles
  18. Fish-shaped chicken nuggets with dipping sauces
  19. Seashell-shaped waffles with whipped cream and fruit toppings
  20. Ocean blue lemonade with edible shimmer or glitter

20 Mermaid Party Activities and Games

Besides the food, the games and activities are the best times at a party. It's when everyone comes together and works together, or individually, to win a prize (see our party favors and gifts ideas). It's a time full of laughter and jokes to remember. Here are our top 20 mermaid party activities or games you can play with any age group.


  1. Mermaid-themed dance party with a bubble machine and ocean music
  2. DIY mermaid crown or tiara making station with glitter and shells
  3. Mermaid-themed photo booth with props like seashells and tridents
  4. Seashell necklace or bracelet making with beads and string
  5. Mermaid coloring and activity sheets station with crayons and markers
  6. Mermaid face painting station
  7. Mermaid Bubble Wrap Stomp: Lay out a sheet of bubble wrap and have the kids stomp on it while wearing their mermaid tails, creating a fun popping sound and sensation.
  8. Mermaid bubble station for kids
  9. Colorful sand activity station
  10. Mermaid temporary tattoo station


  1. Mermaid tail relay race
  2. Sandcastle building competition with mermaid-themed sand molds
  3. Shell toss game with throwing seashells into designated targets
  4. Mermaid coloring and activity sheets station with crayons and markers
  5. Mermaid limbo contest with a mermaid-themed limbo stick
  6. Musical seaweed chairs game with ocean-inspired music
  7. Mermaid water balloon toss game with participants standing in a circle
  8. Mermaid Polo: while in a pool and wearing a mermaid tail, the person yelling out "Mermaid" listens for the others yell out "Polo" and tries to listen to their voice and catch them
  9. Mermaid Dive contest: set out tube floaties and see how well guests can dive into the circle of the tube with their perfect mermaid dive (advanced swimmers only and make sure water level is deep enough for dives)
  10. Underwater breathing game: Mermaids can breath easily underwater, see who can hold their breath the longest (advanced swimmers only)

20 Mermaid Décor Ideas

mermaid party ideasYou can't have a mermaid party without decorations that scream "under the sea"! There are so many creative routes you can go with décor; whether you're DIY-ing or purchasing supplies in stores/online, the décor will make or break the party atmosphere. So if you're stuck on how to incorporate these magical creatures into your party, here are my top 20 décor ideas.

  1. Mermaid tail-shaped tablecloth or runner for the party table
  2. Underwater-themed balloons with blue, green, and metallic colors
  3. Mermaid themed plates, cups and napkins
  4. Mermaid-themed centerpieces with seashells, pearls, and underwater elements
  5. Ocean-colored tableware, including cups and utensils in shades of blue, purple, and green
  6. Hanging paper jellyfish decorations to create an underwater ambiance
  7. Mermaid tail banners and garlands
  8. Seaweed-inspired streamers or ribbons to hang around the party area
  9. Mermaid-themed chair covers or chair sashes
  10. Shimmering mermaid scales wall backdrop for photo opportunities
  11. Under the sea-inspired balloons arch or balloon garland
  12. Seashell-shaped confetti scattered on tables or as a decorative touch
  13. Mermaid-themed party hats or tiaras for guests to wear
  14. Underwater-themed lanterns or string lights for ambient lighting
  15. Ocean-themed table centerpieces with seashells, starfish, and coral decorations
  16. Mermaid tail-shaped cutouts or props for a fun photo booth
  17. Blue and green tablecloths or overlays to mimic the colors of the sea
  18. Mermaid-themed signage or chalkboards with creative messages or quotes
  19. Underwater-themed backdrop
  20. Mermaid-inspired floral arrangements with blue, purple, pink and green flowers with seashell accents

20 Mermaid Party Favors & Goodie Bag Ideas

Party favors or goodie bags are great to have at any party. It's a way to thank your guests for taking the time to celebrate you or your loved ones. You can offer party favors at the beginning or end of the party or provide goodie bags as prizes for game winners. If you need to wrap up any gifts, you'll need Anna + Pookie mermaid gift wrap! Here are the top 20 party favor and goodie bag ideas for a mermaid party.

  1. Mermaid Tail Keychains
  2. Mermaid Scale Bracelets or Charm Bracelets
  3. Mermaid Coffee Mugs or Tumblers
  4. Mermaid Lip Balm: Lip balms in cute mermaid-themed packaging
  5. Mermaid Hair Ties: Elastic hair ties with mermaid-inspired colors and patterns.
  6. Mermaid Temporary Tattoos
  7. Mermaid Tail Pens
  8. Mermaid Bubble Wands
  9. Under the sea themed candy pieces
  10. Mermaid Tail Socks
  11. Mermaid Themed (Under the Sea) Stickers
  12. Mermaid Shirts (Graphic Tees): Have some to giveaway in a variety of sizes
  13. Mermaid Themed Sunglasses
  14. Mermaid Notepads
  15. Mermaid Water Bottles
  16. Mermaid Coloring Books
  17. Mermaid Bookmarks
  18. Mermaid Coin Purses in shapes of tails, shells, etc.
  19. Mermaid-themed Scented Candles
  20. Mermaid Tail or Ocean Themed Bath Bombs

20 Party Location Ideas

Location is a huge part of planning a party because it has to accommodate the amount of guests you plan to bring and have enough space for décor and activities. Whether you're planning your mermaid party indoors or outdoors, at the beach or near a pool, we have 20 party location ideas you probably never thought of that are perfect for adults or kids! 

  1. Poolside mermaid party with a designated swimming area
  2. Beach party with a seaside setup and sandy activities
  3. Backyard transformed into an underwater paradise with themed decorations
  4. Indoor party with an ocean-inspired backdrop and underwater-themed activities
  5. Park or picnic area near a lake or pond for a natural water-themed setting
  6. Local aquarium or marine center for an educational and immersive experience
  7. Boat or yacht party on a calm body of water for a unique mermaid adventure (adults will love this one)
  8. Community center with a large pool or indoor space for various activities
  9. Seaside resort or beachfront venue for a mermaid-themed celebration
  10. Private garden with a pool or water feature for an intimate and enchanting atmosphere
  11. Rooftop venue with a panoramic view to create an elevated mermaid experience
  12. Local botanical garden with water features and lush surroundings
  13. Indoor play center or trampoline park with a designated party area
  14. Museum or art gallery with an underwater or fantasy-themed exhibit
  15. Restaurant or café with a private event space that you can decorate in mermaid aesthetics
  16. Cruise ship party with access to onboard pools and themed entertainment
  17. Lakeside venue with access to water activities like canoeing or paddleboarding
  18. Country club or resort with poolside amenities and elegant party spaces
  19. Tropical-themed indoor water park with slides and attractions for a memorable mermaid experience
  20. DIY backyard setup with inflatable pools, water games, and mermaid-inspired decorations

Get Ready, Set, Party!

I hope you enjoyed these 100 ideas for a mermaid birthday party, baby shower, celebration, or themed event this year! Loved this post? Make share to share it with others planning a mermaid party! Remember, we have the party supplies to help with your party needs! Shop our Mermaid Party Supplies today!

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