X Marks The Spot: Fun Pirate Theme Party Ideas

Arrr You Ready For The Ultimate Pirate Theme Party Experience? 

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of FunHere's your personal treasure map to an unforgettable celebration that will have everyone saying, "Arrr, that was a party to remember!" Whether you're planning a kids' birthday bash or a playful gathering for all ages, we've got you covered with fun and creative ideas that will make your pirate theme party a true treasure trove of fun. So grab your eye patch, hoist the Jolly Roger, and read along as we embark on a journey filled with thrilling decorations, daring games, delectable treats, and more to help you create a party that will make waves. 


30 Pirate Theme Party Ideas


Pirate Party Tableware & Decorations 

Pirate theme party

Ready to bring your pirate part to life? You'll need to gather a few decorations and tableware to complete the experience for your guests. Besides the usual balloons, garlands, and tablecloths, here are our top 5 creative decoration ideas to help elevate your pirate theme party.

  • Notes in a bottle - Grab some bottles and roll blank paper to place inside
  • Treasure chests or wooden boxes filled with plastic beaded jewelry (or costume jewelry), gold chocolate coins, and colored gems
  • Cork bottles filled with sand and seashells
  • Shipwrecked sailors: Use a few plastic skeletons, tie a red bandana over the skull, eye patch over the eye, and place it in a corner as a prop.
  • Fisher's net

As for tableware, you can purchase pirate theme party napkins, paper plates, and paper cups to complete the dining experience. Looking to save a few gold coins? You'll love our $20 Pirate Party Tableware Set (56ct).


Pirate Party Invitations

To excite your guests for your party, show them a preview of what's to come by creating pirate theme party invitations that stand out. You can get as creative as you want with party invites, and here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Party Invitation in a bottle
  • X Mark the spot treasure map invite, use the "X" to mark the directions to the location of the party
  • Scroll Invitations

Rather go the printable route? Download our Pirate theme party invitation. Save time with these instant invitation downloads!


Pirate Party Costumes and Accessories

Pirate theme party

Invite your guests to wear their best pirate gear to elevate your party even more. Here are some ideas for some pirate theme party costumes or accessories:


Pirate Party Games and Activities

The spruce pirate party games blog

Now that your guests have arrived, it's important to keep them entertained throughout the whole duration of the party. Here are some of our favorite pirate theme party games and activities that will keep your guests wanting more!

  • Buried Treasure: get some bins and fill them up with sand and your choice of buried treasured trinkets. Have guests go against a timer and find as many buried treasures as possible.
  • Temporary Tattoo Bar
  • Pirate Photo Booth
  • Peg-legged relay race: Have guests get into twos and tie one leg to another, and race
  • Treasure Hunt
  • Pirate Hook Ring: Get a poster board and attach some pirate hooks. Have guests throw rings to see how many they can get caught on the hooks.


Pirate Party Food and Drinks

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After all the games and activities, your guests will run for the snack and drink tables. Here are some fun pirate theme party food and drink ideas you can easily create that compliment your party.

  • Pirate Ship Hot Dogs: Get little pirate flag toothpicks and put them at the edge of a hotdog while it's in a bun; it looks like a ship!
  • Golden Nuggets: Get a treasure chest and fill it with all kinds of chocolates that come in gold wrappers
  • Peg Legs: Get a bowl, fill it with Pretzel sticks, and label them "peg legs." You can even add some dipping options like peanut butter or Nutella
  • Catch of the Day: Fill a fish bowl with fun fish-shaped or ocean-themed candies like Gummy worms or Swedish Fish
  • Canon Balls: Fill up some bowls with donut balls and label them "canon balls." Or, for something savory, opt for Canon meatballs
  • Deadman's Fingers: Use cocktail sausages and place them on toothpicks. Give your guests a choice of dipping sauces.
  • Pirate Earrings: Fill a plate with golden and crispy onion rings
  • Check out these Pirate Themed Mocktails and Cocktails recipes your guests will keep coming back for!


Ahoy Matey, you're all set to throw the best pirate party ever!

We hope you enjoyed these 30 pirate theme party ideas to help throw a party your guests will never forget! Let us help you plan your pirate party with our pirate theme party supplies. Loved our free invitation downloads? We offer more exclusive freebies inside our email community. Sign up to join today and get access to more freebies like printables, coloring sheets, checklists, exclusive deals, and more!

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