30 Kids' Friendsgiving Party Games: Playful Ideas for a Memorable Gathering

Your Ultimate Kids' Friendsgiving Playbook: 30 Games for a Joyous Bash


Whether you're a parent throwing a Friendsgiving party for your children and their friends this November or a teacher wanting to celebrate with your students, this list of kids' Friendsgiving party games blog post will be a delight amongst your little ones.  Here's our list of 30 Friendsgiving party games that will be the talk of the party for months to come. 


Classic Games with a Friendsgiving Twist


1. Turkey Trot Relay: A relay race with turkey-themed challenges.

2. Candy Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt to find candy that is wrapped in envelopes with messages of gratitude.

3. Friendship Bingo: Bingo with squares featuring their friends' unique traits.

4. Pumpkin Bowling: Bowling using mini pumpkins as pins.

5. Thankful Musical Chairs: Musical chairs with a twist of sharing gratitude. You can place notes on each chair and once a chair is claimed, your little one can read one of the notes and keep to take home with them.


Creative Expression Games


6. Grateful Charades: Charades with prompts related to things to be thankful for.

7. Crafty Friendship Bracelets: Kids create friendship bracelets to exchange.

8. Thankful Art Gallery: Artistic activity where kids create artwork of what they are thankful for

9. DIY Gratitude Journals: Kids make their own journals to jot down things they're grateful for.

10. Handprint Turkeys: Have kids choose their favorite color construction paper and trace their hand with a pencil. Have them cut it out and decorate it.


Outdoor Adventures


11. Nature Scavenger Hunt: Explore nature and find items symbolizing gratitude.

12. Fall Leaf Pile Jump: Not really a game but a fun activity to do during a Friendsgiving event outside is to gather large piles of leaves and let your little ones jump into the piles and share moments of laughter. 

13. Nature Collage: Create collages with glue and construction paper using natural materials found outdoors. 

14. Apple Bobbing Relay: A relay race where kids bob for apples.


Culinary Fun


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15. Decorate Your Own Mini Pie: Kids decorate mini pies with creative toppings.

16. Gratitude Cookie Decorating: Decorate cookies with thankful messages.

17. Edible Pumpkin Craft: Kids make pumpkin-shaped treats with edible materials.

18. Marshmallow Tower Challenge: Have the kids try to build the tallest marshmallow tower without falling.


Teamwork and Cooperation


19. Friendship Bridge Building: Kids build bridges using household items.

20. Blanket Fort Adventure: Work together to build a cozy blanket fort.

21. Thankful Relay: A relay where each team member adds a grateful thought.

22. Team Pumpkin Carving: Collaborative pumpkin carving activity.


Storytelling and Imagination


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23. Grateful Storytime: Share stories of gratitude and kindness.

24. Creative Costume Parade: Parade where kids dress up as what they're thankful for.

25. Puppet Show of Thanks: Kids create puppet shows showcasing gratitude.

26. Make-Your-Own Storybook: Kids create stories about friendship and thankfulness.


Active Play


27. Thankful Freeze Dance: Dance game where kids freeze and share thankful thoughts.

28. Grateful Balloon Volleyball: Volleyball with balloons while sharing gratitude.

29. Pumpkin Roll Relay: A relay race where kids roll pumpkins using their noses.

30. Leafy Obstacle Course: Create a course with leaves for a fun obstacle challenge.


Enjoy Your Friendsgiving!

We hope this post gave you some inspirational kids' Friendsgiving party game ideas just in time for your event. Don't forget to shop our party tableware to help bring life to your decorative treats and drinks!.

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