Creative Ways to Host Your Kid's Party Virtually

Are you struggling for ways to celebrate birthday parties or celebrations for your kids while we're practicing social distancing? You're not alone! Regardless of what we're going through, life's memorable milestones and celebrations are still happening, and we have to find creative ways to celebrate these moments.

To help give you some ideas on ways to celebrate ANNA+POOKIE has come up with three creative virtual ways to help you stay connected and celebrate. As you start to plan, keep in mind online platforms like SkypeZoom, Google Hangouts and Facebook Live. Each allows the ability to interact with party-goers and get the party started!

Below are a few ideas to help you plan your child's next virtual birthday party:

Host a Traditional Children's Birthday Party

Plan as you would for an in-person celebration! Select a theme, send out party invites through snail mail, plan your menu (make suggestions on what party-goers can enjoy during the party), bake a cake or cupcakes, and decorate to make your space look festive!

On the day of the event, dial in and let the fun flow! Kids go crazy when music is playing. They love to dance and have no shame about their skills (or lack thereof). Parents enjoy watching kids dance too. So take music requests from attendees and put your DJ skills to the test! Add to the excitement by doing a freeze game where kids freeze when the music stops.

Another idea is to ask attendees to come prepared to share a unique talent with the group. Ask kids to tell their favorite jokes!  Instant entertainment and a couple of hours of fun!

Sing Happy Birthday and let the honoree blow out the candles! Make it regular and fun!

Slumber Party Movie Night Party

What's better than sharing your favorite movie in your pajamas with several of your best friends? Not much, right! This party idea is a fun way to share the party fun! Sites like SynaptopTwo Seven or Watch Together are just a few that offer synchronized viewing of videos so your attendees can watch movies with you in real-time online!

Again, send invites asking invitees to wear pajamas based on the movie selection. A few fun movie options include Little Mermaid, Princess Frog, or Lion King, to name a few. With these movie ideas, fun ideas are limitless.

Ask parents/caregivers to prepare snacks before the start of the party. To help, you can provide simple popcorn and mocktail recipes. A few of our favorites include:

Fun and Easy Layered Mermaid Slushies

Mermaid Lemonade

Mermaid Punch

Homemade Kettle Corn

Easy Caramel Popcorn

Oreo Cookie Popcorn

As we all know, activities at a children's party are essential. Search Pinterest for free bingo printables based on the movie selection. Also, share word finds that parents can print out before the start of the movie. Allow your attendees an opportunity to share and discuss!

Dress Up Party

Do you have a child who loves to play dress-up? A budding princess or fashionista, then this is the simplest and easiest virtual party for you! Since your kids are at home, there are endless dress-up possibilities for dress up!  Hats, shoes, purses, jewelry, gowns, make up, etc. is all you need.

Ask your child's friends to log into the party in their costumes. Encourage imagination! Tell the kids they can be as creative and eclectic (age-appropriate) as they like. Have a fashion show where each child has the opportunity to show their costume. The kids can also share who or what inspired their creation.

Call your local birthday party entertainment company to see if they have any characters that can make a guest appearance in the virtual room. A fun twist that your honoree or party guests will not expect!

Contact your local graphic designer to have shareable and printable activities designed around your theme. Have the graphic designer create costume reward emails that can also double as thank you cards. After the party is over, send each child a non-competitive virtual reward, like "Most Layers" or "Most Colorful."

A note to Guests

If you are invited to a virtual celebration, don't forget to send a gift! Amazon offers an eGift Cards that you can send straight to anyone's inbox! And Target offers gift cards that you can mail directly to the honoree's house!

And Finally…

There are small businesses still shipping cheer! ANNA+POOKIE  has inventory and is ready to help you celebrate with our Princess, Mermaid, or Ballerina themed paper party supplies. We offer large paper and dessert plates, paper cups, and paper napkins.

Other small businesses, such as balloon shops, will drop off and set up mini porch balloon installations without seeing anyone! Bakeries and restaurants are changing their business models to accommodate home deliveries! Do a quick Google search, make a few calls to discuss services, and support small businesses! 

While this is a challenging time, we can all work together to stay connected, safe, and HAVE SOME FUN! It just takes a little imagination!



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