50 Christmas Crafts for Kids: Fun DIY Activities for a Holiday Gathering

Christmas Crafts for Kids


50 Fun and Kid-Approved DIY Activities to Jingle All the Way


With the Christmas holiday approaching and the kids home from school, you may want to join in on some fun Christmas crafts activities with your little ones. We put a list of 50 fun Christmas Craft ideas and activities that your kids will approve of and and that you will have fun joining in on. 


Santa Claus Craft Ideas


*Check out these Santa Claus Masks from Design Improvised


  • Create beautiful Santa Claus ornaments from felt
  • Grab some paper plates and make Santa masks
  • Get some construction paper and then rope to make cotton ball Santa beards
  • Santa handprint keepsakes
  • If your kids love slime or playdough, you can create a Santa's workshop station


Reindeer Craft Ideas


*Check out The Resourceful Mama's DIY Reindeer Ornaments

  • Make reindeer headbands with antlers
  • Get some popsicle sticks and create reindeer ornaments
  • Get some paint and some white cardboards and have your little ones step in paint with their feet and create footprint reindeer art
  • Make some reindeer goody treat bags your little ones (or you) can snack on during the day
  • Reindeer-themed coloring pages


Snowman Craft Ideas


  • Make snowman paper plate masks
  • Make snowman sock puppets
  • Create snowman ornament balls
  • DIY snow globes
  • Play with snowman-themed playdough


Christmas Tree Craft Ideas



Nativity Craft Ideas


  • Make a nativity scene diorama
  • Tell the story of Nativity to your little ones with nativity finger puppets
  • Clothespin nativity scene
  • Nativity story coloring book
  • Nativity-themed salt dough ornaments


Gingerbread Craft Ideas



Holiday Card Crafts


  • Handmade Christmas cards
  • Thumbprint holiday cards
  • Pop-up Christmas card templates
  • Stamped and painted cards
  • Button embellished cards


Holiday Décor Craft Ideas


*Check out how to make these DIY Paper Wreaths from The Little Crafties

  • DIY paper wreaths
  • Jingle bell garlands
  • Festive paper chains
  • Holiday-themed candle holders
  • Christmas-themed table centerpieces


Wrapping Paper Crafts


  • Create your own gift wrap
  • Crate your own gift tags and labels
  • Hand-painted wrapping paper
  • Stencil designs on wrapping paper
  • Ribbon and bow crafts


Enjoy Your Holidays With Your Children With These Christmas Craft Activities!


The holidays are the best time to spend time with your children and we hope this list of 50 Christmas Craft for Kids Ideas and Activities help you spend more quality time with your loved ones this season. Don't forget to do some holiday shopping with our new holiday collection!

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