Fun, Fashion, & Functionality: 30 Fun Back to School Gifts!

 back to school gifts

School's In Session! Here's 50 back to school gift ideas to add to your school list that your loved ones will adore!

School days just got a whole lot more exciting! Our delightful back-to-school gifts and stationery is here to spark creativity, inspire learning, and add a touch of magic to your child's academic voyage. Get ready to unleash the power of imagination as we break down the must have back to school gifts and stationary items to add to your loved one's school list this year.


Stationery Essentials

From pens that write like magic to notebooks that inspire creativity, our handpicked collection is designed to elevate your kid's back-to-school experience. Whether they're a budding artist, a diligent note-taker, or simply love adding a touch of flair to their studies, these stationary must-haves are sure to make every moment in the classroom a delightful one. Explore our top picks below and gear up to make this school year the best one yet.

1. Colorful ball-point pens
2. Pencil sets with inspiring quotes
3. Cute erasers and/or pencil toppers
4. Trendy pencil cases
5. Spiral notebooks
6. Hardbound notebooks
7. Colorful transparent rulers
8. Fun-shaped sticky notes
9. Neon or Pastel Highlighters
10. Folders and/or Binders


Enchanting Character Themes

*Backpacks featured are from Designs By Dij


Elevate your kid's back-to-school style with the magic of beloved characters that will bring a smile to their face every time they pick up a pen or open a notebook. Whether they're a fan of whimsical ballerinas, daring superheroes, elegant princesses, adventurous pirates, or cosmic astronauts, you'll sure to find designs that celebrate your child's favorite characters. Here are a few of our favorites:

11. Princess-themed backpacks fit for royalty
12. Pirate lunch boxes for adventurous lunch breaks
13. Astronaut water bottles for out-of-this-world hydration
14. Ballerina pencil pouches that dance with grace
15. Space-themed folders for cosmic organization


Back-to-School Fashion

back to school gifts

Get ready to rock the halls with our back-to-school fashion picks that blend style and functionality seamlessly. Whether your child goes to a uniform school or a school where there aren't uniforms, there are multiple ways your child can express their personality with back to school fashion. Here are a few of our favorites:

16. Funky and Fun socks with different patterns and designs
17. Cute hair accessories
18. Trendy shoe laces to match with any outfit
19. Fun Character Shirts (perfect if your child attends a uniform school that lets them wear clothes outside of their uniform code one day a week)
20. Cute buttons and pins to add to collars of school uniform shirts, backpacks, jackets, and more!


Creative Arts & Crafts

Elevate your child's school supplies and make them uniquely theirs creative these creative back to school gifts. From customizing notebooks to personalizing pencil cases, these crafty ideas will add a touch of charm and fun to your student's everyday school essentials.

21. Washi tapes in all different colors and designs
22. Sticker sets or Puffy (3D) Sticker sets
23. Magnetic book marks
24. Glitter Glue Set
25. Alphabet or quoted ink stamps


Tech & Gadgets

As we're in the school age of technology, it's essential to add tech and gadgets to your list of back to school gifts essentials. From practical gadgets to fun tech accessories, these back to school gift ideas are sure to be a hit among students of all ages. Whether it's for note-taking, studying, or simply adding a touch of convenience, these ideas below are sure to make the school year a breeze.

26. Smartwatch with fun bands
27. Powerbank with multiple usb ports
28. Colorful laptop sleeves
29. Wireless head buds or headphones
30. Digital note taking pin for tablets or touchscreen laptops


Get your Back to School Lists Ready!

How are you prepping your loved ones for back to school? Which back to school gifts were your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. Don't forget to shop our Back To School collection!


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