Word for 2021

My focus in 2021. Like many, 2020 was a beast for me, and if I’m candid, my business wasn’t my main focus. 

Keeping my family healthy, working my full-time gig, moving into a new home, and keeping us all sane were my main priorities. 2020 also caused me to question if ANNA+POOKIE is what I’m supposed to be doing. I lost waaaaaaay more money than I made. I understand businesses aren’t expected to make a profit in the first couple of years but DAMN!😳🤣 The product wasn’t flying off the shelves. It and I was a scary mess! 

Envy also reared his ugly head when I’d see other businesses receiving media recognition, social media followers growing by leaps and bounds, containers full of products headed to the post office, and on and on and on. It was hard to watch when my business wasn’t experiencing the same growth. A lot of doubt crept in, and I questioned a lot about myself as a business owner.

I started to go inward to understand what I needed to do. What God called me to do. During this reflection, I began re-reading emails, posts, and notes I’ve received from YOU over the past two years. They fed me and re-centered me on MY path. 

After a lot of praying, reflection, tear shedding, and soul searching, I decided to keep moving forward! I started this business because of YOU, and I’m committed to YOU! Our children deserve to be celebrated, and I will continue to do just that...one paper plate at a time. 

Your support, comments, emails, and energy got me refocused and ready to keep charging forward. 

So as I look to refocusing on YOU in 2021, I’ll leave you with three lessons I had to remind myself of:

  1. Your path is your path and what is for you is for you. NEVER compare yourself to anyone else. 
  2. Believe in and trust the process. It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to happen. Just stay the course. 
  3. Give yourself space to be human and feel life’s disappointments. The failures make you a better, stronger person.

So in 2021, I’ll be listening more to YOU and bringing YOU the products you want! More importantly, I want to say thank YOU for your continued support!



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  • Set backs are Set ups for your success and Gods Glory…
    If we dont have them how would ever know to TRY??? 😘😘💕💕🙌🙌

    Tanya Browner

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